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Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Our Fruit Trees are supplied potted ready to plant any time of year. Sizes range from four feet to about eight feet in height, most at around 5 to 6 feet unless stated otherwise. Tree stakes £3.50 and ties £2.00.
Local delivery available. Tel 01406 540505 to check availability or just drive across today.

All fruit trees are potted, most are 5-6ft high and well branched. Come and browse. Pick out your trees, local delivery available.

Apple trees Most on mm106 rootstock suitable for gardens.

MALUS BRAMLEY'S SEEDLING - Popular cooking apple. Heavy crops of extra large, juicy fruit. Picking mid October. Mid season flowering. BT. £19.50

MALUS COX'S ORANGE PIPPIN Excellent flavoured dessert apple. Flowering time mid season. B. £19.50

MALUS EGREMONT RUSSETT - Dessert apple. Well flavoured small fruit. Flowering time early season. A. £19.50

Malus Golden Delicious - £19.50
Malus Greensleeves - dessert apple £17.50
Malus Jumbo - Culinary £17.50
Malus Grenadier £17.50
Malus Braeburn £19.50
Malus Discovery £19.50
Malus Arthur Turner £19.50

Plum trees ( St Julien A rootstock unless stated)

PRUNUS CZAR - Frost resistant plum, Well branched trees about 5ft high self fertile £17.50 SOLD OUT

PRUNUS VICTORIA PLUM - Popular large plum. reliable. Self fertile. Well branched tree about 6ft high. £25.00 Self fertile. SOLD OUT
Prunus Victoria Plum on Pixy rootstock, lovely trees £25 5 left.

Nectarine and Apricot trees

PRUNUS Lord Napier - Nectarine. Large trees. Self fertile. £35 3 left

PRUNUS APRICOT GOLDCOTT - Apricot, juicy flesh, self fertile. Large trees. £30

Pear trees ( all on Quince A rootstock, well branched trees, ready for fruit this year.
PYRUS DOYENNE DU COMICE - Dessert pear. Excellent flavour. Late season flowering. £17.50!
PYRUS CONFERENCE - Dessert pear. Self fertile variety with long, narrow juicy fruits in late September. £19.50
Pyrus Louise Bonne of Jersey £19.50
Pyrus Beurre hardy £19.50
Pyrus Williams £19.50

Cherry Trees - self fertile
Prunus Stella Cherry, sweet cherry, lovely shaped trees, £25.00 SOLD OUT
Prunus Morello Cherry, dark red cooking variety, lovely trees, £25.00

Corylus Cobnut Kent Cob Large bush £17.50 SOLD OUT

Castanea Sativa - Sweet Chestnut Tree. Large specimens £17.50 Smaller SOLD OUT