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Hedging Ready Now

Hedging Ready Now

Hedging -

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Prunus laurocerasus ( Cherry Laurel) - Popular hedging variety with evergreen with large shiny green leaves. Plant 2 - 3 ft apart. Sun or partial shade.

Laurels in 7 cm pots approx 10 -12 inches high £2.00 each.

5 litre pots, large plants 3-4 ft high £15 approx 20

Buxus Sempervirens ( Box) - Evergreen hedging with small dark green leaves, sometimes with a gold tip. Ideal sun or shade. Plant 1ft apart.

Buxus sempervirens in 2 litre pots approx 10 left £7.50 each.
XL Buxus sempervirens in 5 litre pot. £15 approx 10 available

Lonicera Baggessons Gold - Evergreen fast growing hedging for up to 4 ft high. Sun or shade. Small leaves giving the appearance of box but much faster growing.
7 cm square pots £2.50 each. 200 available

Lonicera Nitida Green in 7cm square pots, £2.50 each - approx 300 available

Lonicera Nitida Lemon Beauty in 7cm square pots, £2.50 each approx 200 available

Lonicera Pileata in 7cm square pots £2.50 approx 400 available

Lonicera Red Tips in 9cm square pots £3.50 each approx 10 available

Ligustrum ovalifolium (Green privet) - Semi evergreen hedging which will tolerate polution and shade. Plant 1 -2ft apart. In 7cm square pots, approx 8 - 12 inches high £2.50, 200 available

Ligustrum ovalifolium Aureum (Golden privet) - Evergreen except in a severe winter. Green leaves with a margin of yellow make this privet very attractive. Sun or partial shade. Plant 1 - 2 ft apart. £2.50 each. 7cm pot grown Approx 400 available.

Pyracantha available in 7cm pots, approx 1 ft high, Soliel D'or £2.50 each, 10 available.

Buddleja davidii in 7 cmpots, approx 1 ft high £2.50 each, 30 available.

Weigela florida pink mix, £2.50 each, approx 100 available.

Lavender augustifolia in 7 cm pots, approx 200 available £2 each