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Tree Availability

Tree Availability

Ornamental Trees are potted ready to plant any time of year.
Most are 6- 10 ft in height, well branched and ready to plant for an instant effect.
Grown in very large pots, can be planted at any time of year.
Tree stakes £4.50 and ties £2.50.
Trees can be chosen from the nursery only, collection or local delivery available. Pictures of actual trees can be emailed on request, but please feel free to come along and browse.

ACER CAMPESTRE Field Maple, native tree, attractive. Small to medium. Good Autumn Colour. Extra large trees £45 ( need to be seen!)

ACER CRIMSON KING - Large handsome tree, leaves deep crimson purple. Flowers deep yellow, tinged red. Colourful specimen tree. 8 ft high £35

ACER DRUMMONDII - Very striking medium sized tree, green leaves with a broad margin of creamy white. £29, £35
ACER FLAMINGO. Bushy planys approx 4 -5 ft high. £25

ACER PLATENOIDES PRINCETOWN GOLD - Golden Norway Maple. Handsome, fast growing tree with golden leaves. Excellent autumn colours. £35

AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM - Horse chestnut, large tree, flowers are white with a yellow blotch that later turns red in late spring. conkers produced in Autumn. £12.50, £15, extra large £25 few left

AESCULUS BRIOTTII (RED HORSECHEST) - Form of Horse chestnut with dark rose red coloured flowers. Large tree eventually. £25 SOLD OUT

ALNUS CORDATA - Splendid medium sized conical tree, notable for its bright green glistening foliage. £25 SOLD OUT

ALNUS GLUTINOSA - Small to medium sized tree, bushy with yellow catkins in March. Tolerates poor, wet soil. £25 SOLD OUT

BETULA PENDULA - Silver Birch. Medium sized , white stemmed tree. specimens range from 5ft to 7ft high. Small 4-5ft £15.00, large £35, lovely specimens.

BETULA PENDULA PURPUREA ("PURPLE BIRCH) - Purple leaved Birch, slow growing small tree. £35 sold out

Betula Youngii - Weeping birch, £45 Large trees in stock.

BETULA UTILIS JACQUEMONTII - West Himalayan birch with smooth peeling white bark. Catkins in early Spring. The dark green leaves turn rich golden yellow in autumn. small £25, large £65

CATALPA BIGNONIOIDES - Indian Bean Tree. £35, extra large £65

CATALPA PURPUREA - Purple leaved Indian bean tree. Excellent summer flowering tree, quick growing and showy. Large heart shaped Purple leaves with fragrant white horse chestnut like flowers in summer followed by very long seed pods. Large trees approx 6 - 7 ft high £45

CORYLUS AVELLANA - Common Hazel - Familiar many stemmed tree or large shrub, provides excellent screening for exposed sites and is very decorative particularly in autumn when the leaves turn a beautiful yellow. Long yellow catkins in Feb or March are followed by nuts. £9.50. £15

CORYLUS AVELLANA CONTORTA- Corkscrew Hazel - Up to 10ft high, with curious contorted and twisted branches, makes a lovely winter feature. £19.50 SOLD OUT

Cotoneaster Rothschildianus Evergreen or semi evergreen arching small tree. Golden yellow fruits in Autumn. £35 2 left

Cotoneaster watererii - Semi evergreen small tree £35

CRATAEGUS ORIENTALIS - Beautiful, small oriental tree with deeply cut, downy leaves, dark green above and grey underneath. Fruits are large coral red or yellowish red. £25.00

CRATAEGUS PRUNIFOLIA - Small, compact tree notable for showy red fruit. Flowers are white. This tree provides rich Autumn colour. £25.00

CRATAEGUS PAULS SCARLET - Small thorny tree with red flowers in late spring followed by small red fruits in autumn. Full sun or partial shade. £35

CRATAEGUS ROSEA FLORA PLENA - Attractive double pink flowered form of hawthorn. Very hardy tree, will tolerate wind, drought and a degree of water logging. Ideal for small gardens. £35

CYTISUS BATTERANDII - Small tree with silky grey leaves. Cone shaped clusters of bright yellow pineapple scented flowers in mid summer. Large specimens. £45

EUCALYPTUS GUNNII - Hardiest Eucalyptus in cultivation. Juvenile leaves are rounded, silvery blue becoming sickle shaped in maturity. Can reach large size or remain as attractive bush if pruned regularly in spring. 30 - 80 ft. £7.50, £15.00

FAGUS SYLVATICA - Noble large tree, rich, golden copper Autumn foliage. Green beech. 5 litre pots,4 ft high £15, larger £25, XL £55

FAGUS SYLVATICA PURPUREA - Purple beech, large tree with large dark purple leaves. £35 in 5 litre pots. ( 6- 7 ft

GLEDITSIA SUNDANCE - Golden leaved fast growing tree for small to medium gardens. £35


JUGLANS REGIA (WALNUT) - Slow growing medium sized tree with a rounded head. XL £45

LABERNUM Golden rain- Attractive tree with clusters of golden yellow flowers in late spring and early summer. A fine specimen tree for small gardens. CAUTION all parts are toxic if eaten! 7ft £25.00 SOLD OUT

LARIX DECIDUA - European Larch, large tree, light green leaves turn yellow and shed in autumn. very large specimens £45.00 One left.

LIQUIDAMBAR STYRAFOLIA - Small maple like leaves which turn red and yellow shades in autumn, corky bark. £35 (5- 6ft bushy specimens) Lovely trees.

LIQUIDAMBAR WORPLESDON - Maple like leaves , excellent orange and yellow autumn colour. Large potted trees £35.00 (6 ft specimens) SOLD OUT

LIRIODENDRON TULIPIFERA - Vigorous ,large tree with attractive lobed and notched leaves which turn a beautiful yellow in autumn. Greenish cream tulip like flowers in mid summer. Very large specimens , 6 ft high £45 last one

MAGNOLIA SUSAN A bushy, upright shrub with large mid-green leaves. From mid spring to midsummer fragrant flowers emerge from slender, dark burgundy buds. These open to slightly twisted petals which are burgundy on the outside and paler on the inside. Extra large bushy plants. £65

MAGNOLIA SOULANGEANA Large fragrant tulip like white flowers in spring. Large bushy specimens. £65

MALUS GOLDEN HORNET - Small tree with white flowers followed by bright yellow fruits until late in the year, one of the best crab apples for general planting. £35

MALUS RED SENTINAL -Small tree with white flowers in spring followed by red fruits which linger well into winter, bare branches with red crabs along the stems, excellent winter interest. £35

MALUS SYLVESTRIS common crab apple. Large specimens £25, SOLD OUT

PRUNUS AMANAGOWA - Small, narrowly columnar deciduous tree with erect branches and clusters of fragrant semi double shell pink flowers in mid to late Spring. Approx 6 ft high. £25,

PRUNUS AUTUMNALIS -Autumn flowering Cherry, small tree up to 24ft with semi double white flowers from late autumn through to early spring. Large specimens £35

PRUNUS AUTUMNALIS ROSEA - Autumn cherry, a small tree up to 24ft with semi double pink flowers from late autumn to early Spring. £35


PRUNUS KANZAN - Popular Japanese ornamental cherry. Strong growing, medium sized tree. Large double purplish pink flowers in mid Spring. Young leaves are reddish brown. £35.00

PRUNUS Pink Parasol , clusters of pale pink flowers. - £35 SOLD OUT

PRUNUS VIRGINIANA SHUBERT. Small star shaped white flowers in Spring. Pale green young leaves turning to a deep reddish purple in Summer. £35 7-8 ft

PRUNUS PADUS COLERATO RED. Pale pink flowers in Spring, Purple shoots and leaves on this small tree. £35


PRUNUS SNOWGOOSE -6 ft high ,£35



PRUNUS ROYAL BURGUNDY - Excellent vase shaped flowering cherry , less vigorous than kanzan. Deep purple leaves all summer with deep pink double flowers in April. Good autumn colour. large £35
PRUNUS SHIROTAE - Mount Fuji. Weeping Cherry. Beautiful, distinctive flowering cherry. Small with widely spreading horizontal or drooping branches. The flowers are very large, white , single or semi double in long clusters around mid spring. Leaves turn to yellow and tawny orange in autumn. £29 SOLD OUT

PRUNUS SUNSET BOULEVARD - Narrow, columnar flowering cherry with young coppery foliage which turns green in summer. Golden yellow in autumn. Large white single flowers edged with pink in late spring. Small tree. £15.00 SOLD OUT

PRUNUS SERRULA TIBETICA, peeling mahogany bark, good for small gardens. £25

PRUNUS PISSARDII NIGRA Dark leaves and branches on this pink flowering cherry. XL well branched trees, approx 8 ft, £35

PRUNUS Ukon - Pale pink buds open to creamy white flowers. £29

PRUNUS Shidare Yoshino - weeping Cherry, Pale pink flowers on a weeping tree. £29 SOLD OUT

QUERCUS ROBUR (ENGLISH OAK) - Large long lived tree. 5ft to 15 ft specimens, £12.50 , £15

ROBINIA FRISIA - Fast growing tree bearing yellow green foliage which is golden yellow when young turning orange yellow in autumn. Clusters of fragrant pea like white flowers appear in mid summer. The stems are spiny. Full sun. 50ft. £25 ONE LEFT

ROBINIA PSEUDOACACIA - Large tree with rugged furrowed bark and fragrant white flowers in early Summer. £8.50 sold out

SALIX vit Pendula - Weeping Willow with golden leaves. Large wide spreading tree. Catkins in April. £35 (large specimens.)

SALIX CONTORTA/TORTUOSA - Curious small to medium sized tree with branches and twigs which are twisted and contorted. £25 approx 6 ft high

SORBUS ARIA Lutescens - Whitebeam, silvery grey foliage which turns russet and gold in autumn. Taller than Lutescens. Tolerates heavy clay soils, semi shade and exposed conditions.30ft. £35

SORBUS ASPLENIFOLIA - Small to medium sized tree with bright red berries in autumn. deeply cut and toothed leaflets. Very elegant. Mountain Ash. £15.00. £25 SOLD OUT

SORBUS AUCUPARIA - Mountain ash. Medium sized tree, leaves have6 to 8 pairs of deep green leaflets that turn red or yellow in autumn. white flowers in spring and red fruits in autumn. Small specimens £7.50, £12.50, £25

SORBUS COMMIXTA - Small tree, red orange fruits. Leaves coppery when young, colouring richly in Autumn. One of the best for Autumn colour. Mountain ash. £15.00 , £25

SORBUS LUTESCENS - Whitebeam. "Small to medium sized tree with greyish white leaves becoming grey green by late Summer. Outstanding in Spring, £35

SORBUS SCALARIS- Ideal for small gardens £25


SYRINGA VULGARIS SENSATION - Scented purple and white bicoloured flowers in May and June. £25

SYRINGA VULGARIS MICHEL BUCHNER Pale pinky mauve scented flowers on this small tree/large shrub. £25

SYRINGA VULGARIS BEAUTY OF MOSCOW - Scented double white flowers opening from pink buds. £25

TILIA CORDATA - Small leaved Lime. Medium sized to large tree. Sweetly scented ivory flowers in late Summer. £25 SOLD OUT

TILIA EUCHLORA - Medium sized lime tree with almost round shiny dark green leaves. Fragrant creamy yellow flowers in mid summer. £35


Assorted ornamental conifers, eg Sky rocket, elwoodii, Boulevard, etc. Most in 5 litre pots approx 4 ft high. From £9.50.

Pinus Sylvestris , 6 - 8 ft £15, £25
Tsuga Heterophylla, £7.50, £15
Taxus baccata Yew, 5 litre pots £9.50 SOLD OUT
Pseudotsuga Menziesii Douglas Fir. 2 litre pots £7.50