The Nursery

Our family nursery is based in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

All of our shrubs and herbaceous plants are grown from seed or cuttings at our nursery. Trees are sourced locally and then grown on by ourselves.

We have been peat free for four years, using only organic foliar feed. We encourage birds, hedgehogs and insects around and in our nursery, these are our pest controllers. The nursery sits on the edge of our small woodland that we planted 30 years ago.

We are open by arrangement for tree and large shrub viewing and collections. Ring or text or email to make an appointment, we are available most of the time.

Alison 07482 664520 // 07909 910005 Antony

Mail order for our herbaceous and smaller shrubs. Expect cardboard, newspaper and re-used plastics in our parcels. We try to minimise plastic usage, do not use large colour labels or POS items. All growing and plant habit information is now available on the web so do not feel this is necessary any longer.

Hurdletree Nurseries,
Hurdletree Bank,
PE12 8QH