Our conifers are grown peat free, many different sizes and types.  From 1 ft high to around 8 ft for the largest specimens, ranging from slow growing dwarf conifers through to larger statement evergreens.

If you are looking for all year round interest, then a conifer is the right choice.

Conifers blend in very well with deciduous shrubs and perennials in your garden.

Conifers can make a great place for a bird to nest, shelter or roost.

Conifers are not just green leylandii ( again, great in the right place) but can be in shades of blue, gold and green and have different textures and habits that can fit in well with our modern gardens. Some can be trimmed and teased into shapes others left to grow to their natural form. ( rounded, upright, spreading, etc)

Collection only for most, but smaller conifers may be available for mail order.

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