Trees to Click and Collect

Our tree collection has been selected for enhancing your garden, wildlife or landscaping project. As we all know, depleting flora and fauna in the UK has become a major issue. We would like to encourage you to plant at least one tree in your garden, however small, you will see the benefit and so will nature.

If you have a larger garden, then multiple trees are an option. There is nothing like a flowering cherry tree in view of your window, not just for the tree alone ( which is super, of course) but for the number of insects that tree attracts (Large bumbles love the flowers on the Prunus autumnalis for example) and the birds have somewhere to perch, forage and generally hang out. There are flowering cherry trees to suit most gardens.

Ready to plant any time of year, potted in peat free compost and grown on our nursery.

We have many varieties of tree that will  both encourage wildlife and give structure to your garden.

Collection only or delivery available locally at cost.

Message or ring to come and have a look around our current stock. 07482664520      or        07909 910005

All photos are taken of our trees in the nursery or in the garden or woodland at  Hurdletree Nurseries, Holbeach Fen, Lincolnshire.

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